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Composition – Calcium aspartate 500 mg, Calcium orotate 500mg, vitamin D3 1000 IU, Zinc (zinc sulphate monohydrate) 7.5mg, Magnesium hydroxide 50mg, Hydroxocobalamin 100mcg, Folic acid 1.5mg

Pack Size – 10X1X10

About the Product – Role of Calcium : Calcium helps building bone and teeth by giving strength and hardness. Bone tissues keep changing constantly as calcium and other minerals moves in and out, a process called remodelling.
Calcium has important role to play in controlling muscle function and heartbeat as muscle tissue in heart require calcium to contract and relax normally.
Calcium is required to transmit its message to other nerve cell & to the muscle and calcium inside cells transmit messages to special receptor.
Calcium is also one of the essential factors required for formation of blood clots and helps in wound healing.
Calcium also acts as a coenzyme in different metabolic activities and help in controlling permeability of cell membrane to allow nutrient pass-through cell wall. It also helps in synthesis of hormones and enzyme necessary for digestion.

Role of Aspartic Acid : Aspartic acid act as a metabolic intermediate in a several biochemical pathways in the body and believed to be the mineral transporters to the metabolizing cells thereby enabling metabolic process by providing vital electrolytes thereby contributing to efficient energy production.

Why Calcium Aspartate better than other Calcium Preparations : Calcium aspartate is well protected by l-aspartic acids and will not precipitate, thus become more bioavailable like inorganic minerals. Thereby it will become soluble in the luminal fluid of the small intestine in the PH of 7.0 to 7.2, therefore calcium aspartate absorption rate shoots up to 92%, which is 3 to 9 time higher than calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Calcium aspartate increases bone density by stimulating osteoblast activity and enhancing collagen production. Thereby it corrects bone spurs, arthritis and fibromyalgia by increasing bone, joint and muscle metabolism, the reason behind its high efficacy.

Calcium aspartate does not require stomach digestion and has extended calcium absorption to the entire length of small intestine, thereby preventing gastro intestinal distress. It will not cause any stomach discomfort, does not contribute to magma precipitation and does not cause stone formation in the small intestine or kidney.

Calcium aspartate protects vitamin stability unlike other calcium preparation which hampers the absorption of iron and vitamins, since it is shielded by bonded organic ligands and will not come in contact with vitamins molecules, thus protecting vitamins from oxidation and degradation.

Role of Calcium Orotate: Orotic acid is also a mineral transporter as it forms a high complex with calcium which has no metabolic affinity to osteoblast. Calcium orotate penetrates the outer cell membrane of osteoblast and assimilate calcium directly inside the bone matrix due to pentose phosphate pathway (ppp)essential for pyrimidine synthesis.

Why Calcium Orotate is better than other Calcium Preprations: Calcium orotate is a calcium supplement with a functional amino acid chelating ligand -Orotic acid. Orotic acid assists the transport of calcium through cellular membrane structures facilitating the intracellular uptake of calcium in the bones. Calcium orotate helps in strengthening the cartilage and involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA. It treats inflammatory and osteoporotic decalcification and prevents degenerative bone changes in osteoporosis. It recalcifies bone tissues and bone lesion in patient treated with chemotherapy. Calcium orotate offers inflammatory effect in orthopaedic condition like arthritis.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal bone mineralization and to prevent involuntary contraction of muscles, leading to cramps and spasms.

Zinc: Zinc comprises the mineral portion of the bone and supports bone building cells while inhibiting the formation of cells that encourage bone breakdown. It has important role to play in overall immunity of our body also.

Indication:  Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Joint and cartilage damage, Back pain/lower back pain, Nerve/ muscle pain, Fibromyalgia, Bone fracture, Low bone mineral density, post-menopausal osteoporosis

Storage Condition :  Store in a cool place, protect from direct sunlight and moisture

Side Effects: nausea, loose stool, gastritis, loss of appetite

Dosage: OD DOSAGE or as directed by dietician


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