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Our Therapies- Orthopaedics,  Internal medicine, General physician, paediatrician, dermatologist

Composition-  Cholecalciferol IP  60000 I.U

Pack size-  20X1X2


About the Product:  Vitamin d3 also known as Ergocalciferol-D2 or Alfacalcidol, is a fat-soluble molecule that helps in absorption of calcium and phosphorus. So right combination of Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus is essential for healthy bones. Vitamin D is made by body on exposure to sun light, whereas sunscreen creams, protective clothing, limited exposure to sunlight, dark skin and age factor responsible for getting inadequate amount of vitamin D3.  VITAMIN D3 is structurally similar to steroids such as testosterone, cholesterol and cortisol (though vitamin D itself is secosteriod)

Mechanism of Action:  Vitamin D facilitate the absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus thereby regulating blood level of these minerals. Vitamin D stimulate DNA to produce transport proteins which binds to the calcium & phosphorus thereby increasing absorption of these minerals through the small intestine. Vitamin D also stimulate uptake of these minerals by bone cells and help strengthening bones and healthy teeth’s.

Health benefits of Vitamin D in Human nutrition

• For healthy bones and strong teeth.
• Absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus
• Prevention of osteoporosis
• Prevention of osteoarthritis of the knee
• Prevention of colon, breast and prostate cancer
• For regulation of anti-stress hormones
• Prevention of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis

Indication: Osteomalacia, Rickets, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Immunity builder

Storage Condition:  Store in a cool place, protect from direct sunlight and moisture

Side Effects:  Allergic reaction like skin rashes, Swelling of face, Lips or tongue, Weight loss and vomitting

Dosage: As directed by physician


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